Volvo VIDA DICE dealer level pro diagnostic tool




*Stock expected 14/15 March*

DICE (DIagnostic Communication Equipment) is a oem dealer level tool that is used together with VIDA All-in-one software to diagnose and troubleshoot Volvo vehicles from and including model year 1999 up to late 2014. This is the latest Volvo tool to replace the well-known VCT2000 device. DICE is connected to the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic socket. When connecting to the vehicle, DICE is powered as long as the battery is charged.

NB. This software version 2014D must be installed on Windows 7 Professional. The Windows ‘Home’ edition and XP is not compatible. If you are fairly proficient at using Windows you can follow these instructions to get it working on Windows 8.1/10.


  • Fault-tracing
    • General diagnostics and tests
    • Diagnostic trouble codes and associated procedures
    • Symptom-related diagnostic procedures
    • Wiring diagrams
  • Repair
    • General safety information
    • General information
    • Component location
    • Service programs
    • Removal, replacement and installation
    • Overhaul instructions
    • Cleaning, Inspection and Adjustment
    • Installation instructions, accessories
  • Parts catalogue
  • Product specification
    • Visual identification
    • Design and function
    • Specifications, electrical/electronic
    • Specifications, mechanical
    • Mechanical schematics and diagrams
    • Gas, Vacuum and Fluids Schematics/Diagrams
  • Bulletins
    • General Information Bulletins
    • Manual Update Bulletins
    • Product Fix/Special Tool Bulletins
    • Recall/Service Campaign Bulletins
    • Emission Recall Campaign Bulletins
    • Service Manager Bulletins
    • Parts/Accessories Bulletins
    • WB, mechanical tools











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